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澳洲粵曲雅集 Australian Cantonese Opera Association (since 2002)

ACOA (Melbourne) 澳洲維省墨爾本 (Winnie & Louis Wong)

(From Left:  Katherine,  Anne,  Winnie & Louis)

The last public performance by ACOA members in Darwin in September 2010 before moving to Adelaide, SA.

三情頌 – 雅集移師南澳前,在北澳最後一場的演出。欣賞請按以下:

To enjoy the performance, please click the following link:


情頌豪情、鶼鰈情、友情 Themes of passion – Medley

The Themes of passion – Medley consists of three songs of passion in a row. The first song reflects the passion for saving the world. The story is based on a contemporary martial art fiction written by a famous Chinese writer, Kim Yung (金庸). The second one is about the true love between husband and wife. The last song praises the joy of having good friends who could share the same passion in singing.

情頌豪情、鶼鰈情、友情歌頌人性宝貴的一面。第一首“絕情谷底俠侶情”是以武俠小說家金庸笔下两位英雄 “楊過、小龍女”譜寫出二人救国救民的 壯志豪情。第二首 “金石缘”描寫宋代女詞人李清照和丈夫 鶼鰈之情。最后一首 “梨园歸夢南山隱”是歌頌 朋友之情。 两個異性朋友,因喜愛唱歌而成莫逆。 歌曲描述二人久別重逢,欣悅莫明的情景。

2010 ADCOA Concert Video 雅集2010晚會現場錄影

(1) The White Snake Legend 4-act opera 白蛇傳 – 四幕粤劇 Please click to enjoy 欣賞請按

Falling in love (1) 第一場(上) – 遊湖 10 分 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aPj1KAlqeBc

Falling in love (2) 第一場(下) – 遊湖 11 分 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2w5YJ8kiN3o

Flooding the Monastery (1) 第二場(上) – 水漫金山 12 分 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rr92jKEzDr0

Flooding the Monastery (2) 第二場(下) – 水漫金山 13 分 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PoL8j8dhxJw
Reunion at Broken Bridge (1) 第三場(上) – 断橋 12 分 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GrtIegu-tVE
Reunion at Broken Bridge (2) 第三場(下) – 断橋 14 分 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VSBvm8QUg7Q
Imprisonment of the White Snake (1) 第四場(上) – 合砵 12 分 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aOsEQZrbOZk
Imprisonment of the White Snake (2) 第四場(下) – 合砵 8 分 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2bLaTmj3jvw
(2) The Floral Princess with piano accompaniment 鋼琴伴唱帝女花之香夭 (6 分)
Please click to enjoy 欣賞請按: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y8JY3p9jWEY
(3) Piano, Dance, MCs & snapshots 鋼琴、舞蹈、司儀、花絮Please click to enjoy 欣賞請按
Piano solo The ode to the Yellow River 鋼琴独奏”黃河頌” 5 min
ACFS Dancing Troupe (1) The Jasmine Flower 茉莉花 – 3 min (2) We love China 联舞- 8 min
CLACC Dance (1) KungFu dance 功夫舞 – 4 min (2) The Youth dance 青春舞曲 – 4 min
MC Concert introduction 晚会简介 – 4 min
Snapshots 2 min Acknowledgements 謝幕花絮 – 2 min
2009 ADCOA Concert Video 雅集2009晚會現場錄影
(1) Piano、 Dance、Tai Chi & MCs 鋼琴、舞蹈、太極表演、司儀 Please click to enjoy 欣賞請按:
(2) The Moon Fairy Tale 嫦娥奔月 Please click to enjoy 欣賞請按:
(3) King Orr the assassin 易水送荆軻 Please click to enjoy 欣賞請按:

(4) Cute Poon On 俏潘安 Please click to enjoy 欣賞請按:俏潘安(上) Cute Poon On (1) 10 minutes俏潘安(下) Cute Poon On (2) 9 minutes(5) A dream in the red mansion 晴文補裘 Please click to enjoy 欣賞請按:晴雯補裘(上) A dream in the red mansion (part 1) 11 minutes晴雯補裘(下) A dream in the red mansion (part 2) 9 minutes laposter2

Cute Poon On 俏潘安 (Katherine Yuen) 錢琼珠 (Winnie Wong)

Cute Poon On 俏潘安 (Katherine Yuen) 錢琼珠 (Winnie Wong)
决賽在雪梨第二大唐人埠Hurtsville 大會堂举行。 評判隨了雪梨外再加香港的CO名人。人数比初賽還多,有十八人之多。 加上五、六百觀众, 場面熱鬧。香姐話, “今次比賽係交流呢!”。 比賽結果当然係皆大歡喜,人人有份、永不落空。 雅集會員勞師远征,都有所獲 – 殿軍和優異獎。不致無顏面見江東父老呢 (一笑)!
收看請按 Please click the following to enjoy our singing:
2008 April 11 Sydney CO Competition Winnie & Louis

Winnie, Katherine & Anne posed before the concert in Pine Creek, NT, Australia

Please click Pine Creek 2008 and enjoy the “Chinese dance” from “Nut Cracker Suite”, which was performed by Darwin Symphony Ochestra, conducted by Dr. Martin Jarvis. The song sung by ADCOA members was the medley, “Themes of passion” .
Cantonese Delights 2009 嶺南文化北地開 will be staged on 15th August 2009 at Darwin Entertainment Centre – poster below shows our main actors
Please click to enjoy some movie snapshots taken in our March 2009 rehearsals :
Our 13 year old pianist
Anny is a 13 y.o pianist with almost 10 years piano experience. She passed her Level 10 piano performance examination in 2007 and has agreed to perform for ADCOA audiences in our August Concert. Please click the following to preview her practice performance in our rehearsal.
13歲的張琼方(Anny) 將会在八月的”嶺南文化北地開”音乐会上演奏鋼琴名曲。先睹为快,請按 “張琼方演奏鋼琴” 欣賞Anny鋼琴演奏練習。
Please click anny-13-yo-pianist-in-action “張琼方演奏鋼琴”
Winnie as ChingMan 晴雯 posted for the Cantonese Delights 2009 (Photo taken in the first rehearsal by louis)

Cantonese Delights 嶺南文化北地開 2009

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