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澳洲粵曲雅集 Australian Cantonese Opera Association (since 2002)

ACOA (Melbourne) 澳洲維省墨爾本 (Winnie & Louis Wong)

雅集點擊超過7萬 Over 70K ACOA Visitors

Thanks our fans, members and sponsors for supporting ACOA’s endeavours to promote Cantonese culture in Australia since 2002.


ACOA’s Sponsors since 2002
ACOA Chorale(2002 – 2010) posed with Clare Martin Chief Minister NT 2003
ACOA Chorale (SA 2011-2020)
ACOA Chorale 2021 (Ladies)
ACOA Chorale 2021 (Gents)

預告 PS

ACOA is going to stage a concert to celebrate Mid Autumn Festival at Preston Town Hall on Saturday 18th September 2021.


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