Opera Highlights 現代粵劇欣賞

Old meets new

1. The opera, “An ever ending grief 夢断香銷四十年”  is a symphonic Cantonese operatic orchestra accompanied by the Guanzhou Symphony Orchestra 广州交响樂团伴奏 and was first staged in 2006 by the Guangzhou Cantonese Opera Troupe 广州粤剧团.

夢断香銷四十年 – 紀念陳冠卿粵劇交響詩2006年9月7日廣州星海音樂廳

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雅集YouTUbe 專栏 https://www.youtube.com/user/ADCOA

夢断香銷四十年(1)  https://youtu.be/uH9eOm06cTA

夢断香銷四十年(2) https://youtu.be/puapISXkGyM

夢断香銷四十年(3) https://youtu.be/BE3lMtw2_sA

夢断香銷四十年(4) https://youtu.be/PBoBqUZ4i_E

夢断香銷四十年(5) https://youtu.be/Syk6VivjkiA

夢断香銷四十年(6) https://youtu.be/EfZt1J_8AtY

  • 夢斷香銷四十年交响樂之斷腸红(姚志强與曾慧)  A loving scene
  • 夢斷-婚礼(四人合唱怨笛雙吹) Wedding the 2nd time
  • 夢斷-沈園之落叶搖琴弄(曹秀琴與吳国华) The farewell
  • 交响樂之殘夜泣箋(曹秀琴)  The last will
  • 交响樂之再進沈園(羅家宝) A poem that moves people in love
  • 陸遊與唐琬(上海交响樂) Music – Chines piano concerto


2.  “Red Boat 花月影” was first staged by Guangzhou Cantonese Opera Troupe 广州粤剧团 in 2004. The opera background was set in the late 19th century during Qing Dynasty.  A Red Boat was the “floating base” of an opera troupe, in which the artists and members of the troupe lived on it.

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  • 花月影1
  • 花月影2
  • 花月影3

3.  白駒榮(白雪仙父親) 演唱, 广州交响樂团伴奏 “客途秋恨”。 大约錄音於1962年。A symphonic opera song about a lone traveller’s feeling was sung and recorded in the 1960s. One of the pinoeer performance styles in the modernization of Cantonese Opera by mainland Chinese artists.

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  • 交響樂伴奏-客途秋恨(白駒榮)

4. The modernization of Cantonese opera re-commenced in the 1980s after the chaotic erra of the Cultural Revolution bewteen 1967-1979. More symphonic opera songs which were sung by well known Mainland Chinese artists are being published/broadcasted.

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  • 紅線女之 昭君塞上曲
  • 陳笑風 – 孔雀東南飛一段
  • 曹秀琴 – 紅樓夢之葬花感懷
  • 彭熾權,曹秀琴 – 紅樓夢之西廂夜讀

5.  Some of the CO artists in Hong Kong also begin the exploration of the possibility of CO  modernisation by working with the Hong Kong Chinese Symphony Ochestra 香港中樂团 in the late 1970s. Nevertheless, it appears that their hardwork only attracts a small number of  CO fans. The modernisation of CO stage performance progresses well in line with the affluence of the HK society in general. The stage decoration, lighting and costumes become more colourful and the accompanying music richer (see The Floral Princess 2008).

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  • 香港中樂团大斷橋1979年5月罗家英李宝莹 The white snake legend
  • 平湖秋月(05香港中樂團)百人演奏  Music – Moonlight over the lake
  • 香港中樂團春江花月 Music – A peaceful moonlit night in spring
  • 香港中樂团Radio焙衣情1990年罗家英謝雪心    A romantic encounter
  • 香港中樂团草橋驚夢1980年何家光李宝莹1     A fight for freedom of marriage
  • 帝女花-香夭2008 – 龍梅舞台現代化 The Floral Princess – new stage edition 2007 (8 min)

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