ACOA performing in Melbourne 2019 雅集墨爾本演出

ACOA artists Winnie & Louis entertaining 800 CO fans at Collingwood Town Hall on 6/10/2019

雅集應墨爾本怡情曲藝社吳麗英社長邀請於2019年10月6日在Collingwood Town Hall 演出折子戲《白蛇傳之大斷橋》。超過800名粉絲、義工和演員共渡一個愉快的星期日下午🤗💐

photographer: Daniel of Melbourne

怡情大樂隊伴奏:高胡 – 譚玉禎 色士風 – 黃景光醫生 洋琴 – 鐘玉如 電阮 – 李錦芳 中胡 – 李小龍 奏琴 – 梁啟斌 中阮 – 黃美雪 笛子 – 陳一平 掌板 – 馮小翹

ACOA artists Dr Louis and Mrs Winnie Wong were invited to perform in Melbourne at Collingwood Town Hall to perform an excerpt of the《White Snake Legend》. Over 800 audiences, volunteers and artists participated in the concert and enjoyed a happy Sunday afternoon.💐🤗

國內的粉絲可以到本綱的《Our Songs 粵曲歌集》曲*73欣賞現場錄音。

大斷橋 2019 墨爾本

雅集雪梨義演2019 ACOA Entertaining Sydney Community

Louis n Winnie in action: The white snake legend 白蛇傳之斷橋

雅集成員應雪梨新聲曲藝社邀請為雪梨華人義演折子戲《白蛇傳之斷橋》和《再世紅梅記之覌柳還琴》。700觀衆、義工和演員於2019年8月29日齊聚 Hurstville 劇院共度一個快樂的下午。欣賞當日雅集的演出請按以下YouTube連結:

Anne n Winnie in action: Fatal Attraction 《再世紅梅記之觀柳還琴》

粵劇名錄世界非遺十周年 ACOA on ABC Radio Adelaide

粵劇名列世界非遺十周年纪念:雅集接受Radio ABC 訪問並即場演唱(3分鈡)💐請按FB連結覌看現場演唱💐或按下列音吧收听現場錄音(12分鈡)

Winnie and Louis were interviewed by ABC Radio Adelaide on 28th May 2019 regarding ACOA’s activities in the promotion of Cantonese Opera in Australia. Please click on the FB link to view Winnie & Louis singing (3min) or click on the sound bar to listen to the full interview(12min).
From left: Peter Goers Louis and Winnie
Winnie Louis in action at ABC studio

《媽媽真的愛你》2019 Mothers’ Day Concert

Volunteers and artists from both ACOA and AACC posted after the Concert
188 audiences , volunteers and artists enjoying an afternoon concert of songs and dances to celebrate 2019 Mothers’ Concert at AACC main hall


慶祝母親節音樂會 2019 Mothers’ Day Concert

慶祝母親節音樂會 2019 Mothers’ Day Concert

雅集和澳亞基督教會合辦2019年母親節音樂會《媽媽真的愛你》。日期定於五月十一日下午二時至五時在澳亞基督教會會堂舉行。節目豐富。中塲休息免費茶點招待。幸運抽獎奬品由鹿鼎記餐廳和會員捐出:頭奬$100元餐券;二奬和三奬現金購物券$80和$30。詳情和購票請聯絡雅集黃秉璋博士Dr Louis Wong。電話0413252622💐

雅集唐人街賀豬年2019 ACOA in Adelaide China Town Party

ACOA Chorale in action
ACOA Chorale singers from left: Emmy Stephen Winnie Louis Edmond Josephine and Anne

Adelaide China Town Lunar NY Party on 9/2/2019

ACOA Chorale was invited to sing for the China Town LNY party goers on Saturday 9/2/2019. To share our happiness please click the following YouTube links.

雅集合唱團應邀為南澳雅城唐人街慶祝豬年派對🎉演唱。分享我們的表演請按以下 YouTube 連結欣賞。

雅集粵西送曲下鄕 2018 ACOA singing in China

    A County stage 博賀鎮舞台 (Photo by WK Ng of Maoming Daily 茂名日報)

    The villagers watching ACOA’s stage performance 郷民露天欣賞雅集表演 (Photo by WK Ng of Maoming Daily 茂名日報)

雅集應邀參加全球華人粵劇总會和茂名市僑聯文聯合辦的送曲下鄕演出。先後在电白區博賀鎭和覌珠鎮為郷民表演。欣賞雅集的現場演出請點擊以下YouTube 連結。

ACOA artists Winnie and Louis were invited to perform for the locals of the western Guanding city Maoming of China in November. To enjoy their performances, please click on the following YouTube links: 揮涙別南唐 – 佛山市琼花會館11月10日 香夭 – 茂名市電白區覌珠鎮11月22日

驪宮賀寿舞霓裳 – 茂名市電白區博賀鎮

四萬名訪客 ACOA got 40000+ visitors in 2 years

Over 40000 fans visiting ACOA web site since we start recording the number of visitors in 2017. Thank you for your relentless support of ACOA’s endeavours  to promote Cantonese culture to our communities. 


ACOA Chorale in action

ACOA in OzAsia Festival 2018 雅集為澳亞藝術節演出

    ACOA Chorale at Lucky Dumping Market Adelaide SA

Winnie n Anne

Louis n Stephen

ACOA posed with CWS Taichi and Dancing Teams

    The Lucky Dumping Market, Adelaide SA

ACOA in OzAsia Festival 2018 雅集為澳亞藝術節演出

To share their happiness please click the following YouTube web link. 欣賞雅集合唱團演唱請按以下連結:

雅集雪梨演出 2018 ACOA in Sydney

ACOA artist – Hayley

Anne (left) and Winnie (right) in action

Louis n Winnie in action

雅集應邀於雪梨好市圍劇院演出 2018 ACOA performing at Hurstville Entertainment Centre in Sydney

ACOA artists were invited by Dr Raymond and Mrs Sandra Wong of Sydney New Voice Opera Group to perform in their annual charitable concert for the Kingsgrove Comminity seniors. The Concert was attended by over 900 audiences, volunteers and artists.


To enjoy their performances please click the following YouTube web links:




雅集香港高山劇場現場錄影錄音 2018 ACOA Artists Performing in Hong Kong

Louis & Winnie in action

Concert Artists from ACOA, HK and Shenzhen

雅集香港高山劇場演出 2018 ACOA Artists Performing in Hong Kong

Winnie and Louis were invited to perform in Hong Kong at Ko Shan Theatre on Thursday 23 August 2018. To share their happiness, please click on the following audio recording. The song is about the love story of Emperor Tang and his beloved Concubine Yeung.

雅集會長蘇艷芬和秘書黃秉璋應邀於2018年8月23日在香港高山劇場演唱 “痴 夢”。欣賞現場錄影或錄音請按下列YouTube 連結或唱吧収聽。《痴夢》現場錄影:

PS 欣賞演唱會其他照片請上以下雅集-舞台剪影綱頁。To preview more on stage photos please visit ACOA web site ” Concert Snapshots” 舞台剪影


少兒粵劇 大賽 2018 Children’s CO Tournament

A six year’s old CO artist 周嘉昕 of 南海 in action

少兒粵劇 大賽 2018 Children’s Chinese Opera Tournament

This is a recent show case of the progress of traditional Cantonese Opera education among junior students (from toddlers to teenagers). Please click the following YouTube links to enjoy.

這是剛剛舉行的第九屆廣東省少兒戲曲大賽現場録影(南方電視台TVS2). 欣賞請按以下 YouTube 連結: