樂齡唱響 2019 Senior Citizens’ Singing Competition


CCTV12 organised a national singing competition for over 30 groups of older amateur singers in December 2019. Here are two winners from Heat 1.

北京童心合唱團 – 你鼓舞了我 You raise me up (Secret Gardens 2002) sung by Beijing Seniors Chorale

唐山樂友合唱團 – 拉德斯基進行曲 Radetzky March (John Strauss 1848) sung by Tangshan Seniors Chorale

南澳封省86日 SA closing border 86th day

疫情下的生活:天天看海看落日 Life during the pandemic – watching sunset🤭


SA is planned to open its border to every state on 20th July 2020🥺 That means home-stay and singing on-the-web is almost the only option for us for another month🥺 Please click to the following sound bars to enjoy our singing since the pandemic🤗💐

潞安州 The final battle
幻覺離恨天 The Dreams of the Red Chamber
帝女花之上表 The Floral Princess – appealing to Qing’s Emperor
香夭 The Floral Princess – Wedding Night
花前遇俠 The Swordman
劍合釵圓 The happy reunion
庵遇相認 The Happy Encounter

《Our Songs 粵曲歌集》現時收録了我們夫妻101首在世界各地現場錄音的對唱曲 (2000-2020)。有興趣的曲友請點擊以下連結

Our Songs 粵曲歌集

ACOA celebrating 2020 Mother’s Day 雅集慶祝母親節


ACOA Chorale wishes everyone a happy 2020 Mother’s Day. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020 ACOA Mothers’ Day Concert has to be cancelled with regret. Nevertheless we are presenting this video “Cantonese Lullaby “ which was the inaugural’s presentation by ACOA Chorale in 2015. Hope you enjoy and have a happy Mother’s Day.💐🤗🎉🎁❤️

南澳封省第28日 SA Closing Border the 28th Day

ACOA has published 12 new CO songs since SA closing its border for 28 days during the coronavirus. Please click onto 《Our Songs》page and enjoy listening to them ( from song #79 – 91).

南澳自封省以來(今天星期二4月21日第28天) 雅集發表了12首新歌。有興趣的朋友請上 《粵曲歌集 – #79-91》欣賞。

倩女塵缘 Ghost Story 27 min
花月影 Fatal Encounter 4分鐘
藏域鸞歌萬里情 Love from Tibet
蝶舞蓬瀛 Butterfly Lovers
高山流水萬古情 Mateship
蘇東坡夢會朝雲 Love Dream
同是天涯淪落人 A Casual Encounter
西河會 Reunion
洞庭十送 Farewell
長亭送別 Separation
花月影 – 花落流紅 Louis 獨唱
花月影 – 花落流紅 Winnie 獨唱
殺忠妻 Family Feud
去國歸降 Exile
血濺未央宮 Royal Court Murder

繁華易散煙花冷 Party Over

粵劇入校園 Opera for school kids

Source: TVS2 南方衛視 2020年3月21日


There are over 100 million Cantonese speaking people living around the world. This documentary depicts how the citizens of a city in Guangdong of China voluntarily promoting their cultural heritage among the younger generation.

雅集北澳松樹溪演出 2008 ACOA in Pine Creek

ACOA Chorale was invited on 9th August 2008 by Professor Jarvis, the Director of Darwin Symphony Orchestra to perform in the special event of celebrating the centennial contributions of Chinese Miners in Pine Creek Kirkland Lake Gold Mine of NT Australia since 1908. Over 500 locals and interstate visitors participated in the concert which was staged in the open air.Pine Creek which is a small town of population 328 (2016 Census) 226 km south of Darwin. Please click on the YouTube link to share their happiness.

雅集合唱團2008年8月9日應達爾文交響樂團指揮渣華氏教授Prof. Jarvis邀請參加"慶祝華人礦工開採100週年紀念"在松樹溪舉行的露天音樂會。超過500觀眾入場欣賞。合唱團演唱了《三情頌》。請上YouTube 欣賞當日的現場演出。

ACOA Chorale 2008 members: Winnie, Louis, Anne & Katherine
ACOA Chorale members with Professor Jarvis, Director of Darwin Symphony Orchestra
Winnie posed with Darwin Symphony Orchestra in Pine Creek NT Australia

ACOA Chorale 2008 in Pine Creek

雅集南澳唐人街獻唱 ACOA sings in Adelaide China Town 2020

ACOA Chorale in action – Adelaide China Town LNY Street Party (From left: Louis Edmond Josephine Winnie Annie Anne Emmy. Photographer: Chris)
Winnie & Louis (Photographer: David)


ACOA Chorale was invited to sing in Adelaide China Town LNY Street Party to celebrate the Year of Rat on Saturday 1/2/2020.

雅集新加坡演唱2019 ACOA singing in Singapore

Singapore China Town
Winnie & Louis in action on stage of Singapore People Community Theatre
A greeting from Mrs Wong JP and Ms Lo



ACOA artists Winnie and Louis were invited to perform in Singapore. Over 1000 fans, volunteers and artists enjoyed a lovely Sunday on 3/11/2019 at Singapore China Town Community Theatre. 🤗💐👍 To share their happiness please click on the following YouTube link or click on the music bar for the Winnie and Louis’s on stage sound track.

《絕唱胡笳十八拍 The Saga of Maggie》

ACOA performing in Melbourne 2019 雅集墨爾本演出

ACOA artists Winnie & Louis entertaining 800 CO fans at Collingwood Town Hall on 6/10/2019

雅集應墨爾本怡情曲藝社吳麗英社長邀請於2019年10月6日在Collingwood Town Hall 演出折子戲《白蛇傳之大斷橋》。超過800名粉絲、義工和演員共渡一個愉快的星期日下午🤗💐

photographer: Daniel of Melbourne

怡情大樂隊伴奏:高胡 – 譚玉禎 色士風 – 黃景光醫生 洋琴 – 鐘玉如 電阮 – 李錦芳 中胡 – 李小龍 奏琴 – 梁啟斌 中阮 – 黃美雪 笛子 – 陳一平 掌板 – 馮小翹

ACOA artists Dr Louis and Mrs Winnie Wong were invited to perform in Melbourne at Collingwood Town Hall to perform an excerpt of the《White Snake Legend》. Over 800 audiences, volunteers and artists participated in the concert and enjoyed a happy Sunday afternoon.💐🤗

國內的粉絲可以到本綱的《Our Songs 粵曲歌集》曲*73欣賞現場錄音。http://aco.win-louis.com/?page_id=1778

大斷橋 2019 墨爾本

雅集雪梨義演2019 ACOA Entertaining Sydney Community

Louis n Winnie in action: The white snake legend 白蛇傳之斷橋

雅集成員應雪梨新聲曲藝社邀請為雪梨華人義演折子戲《白蛇傳之斷橋》和《再世紅梅記之覌柳還琴》。700觀衆、義工和演員於2019年8月29日齊聚 Hurstville 劇院共度一個快樂的下午。欣賞當日雅集的演出請按以下YouTube連結:

Anne n Winnie in action: Fatal Attraction 《再世紅梅記之觀柳還琴》

粵劇名錄世界非遺十周年 ACOA on ABC Radio Adelaide


粵劇名列世界非遺十周年纪念:雅集接受Radio ABC 訪問並即場演唱(3分鈡)💐請按FB連結覌看現場演唱💐或按下列音吧收听現場錄音(12分鈡)

Winnie and Louis were interviewed by ABC Radio Adelaide on 28th May 2019 regarding ACOA’s activities in the promotion of Cantonese Opera in Australia. Please click on the FB link to view Winnie & Louis singing (3min) or click on the sound bar to listen to the full interview(12min).
From left: Peter Goers Louis and Winnie
Winnie Louis in action at ABC studio

《媽媽真的愛你》2019 Mothers’ Day Concert

Volunteers and artists from both ACOA and AACC posted after the Concert
188 audiences , volunteers and artists enjoying an afternoon concert of songs and dances to celebrate 2019 Mothers’ Concert at AACC main hall