雅集粵西送曲下鄕 2018 ACOA singing in China

    A County stage 博賀鎮舞台 (Photo by WK Ng of Maoming Daily 茂名日報)

    The villagers watching ACOA’s stage performance 郷民露天欣賞雅集表演 (Photo by WK Ng of Maoming Daily 茂名日報)

雅集應邀參加全球華人粵劇总會和茂名市僑聯文聯合辦的送曲下鄕演出。先後在电白區博賀鎭和覌珠鎮為郷民表演。欣賞雅集的現場演出請點擊以下YouTube 連結。

ACOA artists Winnie and Louis were invited to perform for the locals of the western Guanding city Maoming of China in November. To enjoy their performances, please click on the following YouTube links:

https://youtu.be/Y9wTEM6b3Yo 揮涙別南唐 – 佛山市琼花會館11月10日

https://youtu.be/nUxkjvKRtAE 香夭 – 茂名市電白區覌珠鎮11月22日


驪宮賀寿舞霓裳 – 茂名市電白區博賀鎮

四萬名訪客 ACOA got 40000+ visitors in 2 years

Over 40000 fans visiting ACOA web site since we start recording the number of visitors in 2017. Thank you for your relentless support of ACOA’s endeavours  to promote Cantonese culture to our communities. 


ACOA Chorale in action

ACOA in OzAsia Festival 2018 雅集為澳亞藝術節演出

    ACOA Chorale at Lucky Dumping Market Adelaide SA

Winnie n Anne

Louis n Stephen

ACOA posed with CWS Taichi and Dancing Teams

    The Lucky Dumping Market, Adelaide SA

ACOA in OzAsia Festival 2018 雅集為澳亞藝術節演出

To share their happiness please click the following YouTube web link. 欣賞雅集合唱團演唱請按以下連結:



雅集雪梨演出 2018 ACOA in Sydney

ACOA artist – Hayley

Anne (left) and Winnie (right) in action

Louis n Winnie in action

雅集應邀於雪梨好市圍劇院演出 2018 ACOA performing at Hurstville Entertainment Centre in Sydney

ACOA artists were invited by Dr Raymond and Mrs Sandra Wong of Sydney New Voice Opera Group to perform in their annual charitable concert for the Kingsgrove Comminity seniors. The Concert was attended by over 900 audiences, volunteers and artists.


To enjoy their performances please click the following YouTube web links:




雅集香港高山劇場現場錄影錄音 2018 ACOA Artists Performing in Hong Kong

Louis & Winnie in action

Concert Artists from ACOA, HK and Shenzhen

雅集香港高山劇場演出 2018 ACOA Artists Performing in Hong Kong

Winnie and Louis were invited to perform in Hong Kong at Ko Shan Theatre on Thursday 23 August 2018. To share their happiness, please click on the following audio recording. The song is about the love story of Emperor Tang and his beloved Concubine Yeung.

雅集會長蘇艷芬和秘書黃秉璋應邀於2o18年8月23日在香港高山劇場演唱 “痴 夢”。欣賞現場錄影或錄音請按下列YouTube 連結或唱吧収聽。


癡夢 2018 香港高山劇場

PS 欣賞演唱會其他照片請上以下雅集-舞台剪影綱頁。To preview more on stage photos please visit ACOA web site ” Concert Snapshots” 舞台剪影 http://aco.win-louis.com/?page_id=3219

少兒粵劇 大賽 2018 Children’s CO Tournament

A six year’s old CO artist 周嘉昕 of 南海 in action

少兒粵劇 大賽 2018 Children’s Chinese Opera Tournament

This is a recent show case of the progress of traditional Cantonese Opera education among junior students (from toddlers to teenagers). Please click the following YouTube links to enjoy.

這是剛剛舉行的第九屆廣東省少兒戲曲大賽現場録影(南方電視台TVS2). 欣賞請按以下 YouTube 連結:




雅集感謝南澳華人福利會 ACOA thanks CWS

    ACOA President Winnie presents the Certificate of Appreciations to CWS President Vivien and posed with CWS staff and volunteers as well as ACOA singing class members. (Photo was taken in CWS Office today)

華人福利會是一個真心真意替我們南澳華人社區服務的機構。值得大家支持💐🤗👍 感謝福利會長期支持雅集推廣粵劇。今天特意到福利會會址送贈感謝狀於福利會會長。💐👍🤗

CWS is one of the best associations which looks after the welfare of members of the Chinese community in Adelaide. 💐🤗👍

雅集歷年表演現場錄影可上YouTube欣賞   https://m.youtube.com/user/ADCOA

歡樂”媽媽好”現場錄影 2018 Happy Mother’s Day Concert

    ACOA artists posed on stage

Dora Yam of Flagstaff SA won the first prize

120 fans packed St Luke’s Church enjoying ACOA’s 2018 Mother’s Day Concert

歡樂媽媽好 2018 Happy Mother’s Day Concert


Over 120 fans enjoyed ACOA’s 2018 Mother’s Day Concert. To share their happiness, please click the following ACOA YouTube link:

雅集ACOA YouTube 專欄: https://m.youtube.com/user/ADCOA

雅集網站花絮 ACOA Concert Snapshots: http://aco.win-louis.com/?page_id=4318

ACOA artists in action from left: Louis & Winnie

現場錄音Concert Soundtracks (1) A Birthday Gift  驪宮賀寿舞霓裳 sung by Winnie & Louis Wong ; MC – Stephen Wong

現場錄音Concert Soundtracks (2) The Running Husband  追夫 sung by Winnie Wong & Anne Hughes ; MCs – Stephen Wong & Edmond Kwan

ACOA performing in Sydney 2018 雅集雪梨表演

ACOA artists Winnie (left) and Anne (right) rehearsing for their upcoming performance in Sydney

ACOA performing in Sydney 2018 雅集雪梨表演

ACOA artists are invited to perform in Sydney on Saturday 28th April 2018 at Hurstville Town Hall. Please click on the following YouTube link to enjoy their rehearsal performance.

雅集會長蘇艷芬和顧問易月荷應邀參加雪梨新樂韻2018年演出 “狄青闖三關之追夫"。先睹為快請欣賞她們的綵排演出。The runaway husband 追夫 https://youtu.be/BScae442d7E

雅集唐人街獻唱賀狗年 ACOA sings in China Town LNY Party 2018

ACOA Chorale Girls

(photo by Edmond Kwan)
ACOA Chorale from left: Louis Ada Josephine Winnie Anne Emmy and Stephen (photo by Edmond Kwan)

Winnie and Louis in Adelaide China Town 

ACOA Chorale members with friends Hilda and Chris celebrating Lunar New Year of Dog 2018 in China Town Adelaide SA (photo by Raymond Wong)

ACOA Chorale was invited to sing a song “A gift from heart” at China Town LNY Street Party to celebrate 2018 Lunar New Year of Dog. The Party ran from noon to midnight and was attended by thousands of local, interstate and overseas people.

雅集合唱團應邀參加南澳唐人街慶祝狗年音樂會演唱"驪宮賀壽舞霓裳"。欣賞現場錄影請按下列YouTube 連結。

To share their happiness please click the following Youtube link to enjoy (video taping by Chris Yam):


雅集為南澳華人福利會演出 ACOA sings for CWS

ACOA artists Dr. Louis and Mrs Winnie Wong were invited by the President of CWS, Ms. Vivien Shae to sing for her members and distinguished guests to day in Adelaide. To share their happiness please click on the following YouTube link:

雅集會長和秘書應南澳華人福利會會長佘芬豐女仕邀請為會員和嘉賓獻唱"梁山伯與祝英台"。分享請上YouTube。梁山伯與祝英台 (4.5min 分鈡) The butterfly lovers https://youtu.be/yeqnjWq9VSk

NB: ACOA artists performing for Adelaide communities for free in February as follows:

Sunday 4/2/2018 CASA Lunar New Year Dinner (ACOA Chorale)

Saturday 17/2/2018 China Town Street Festival at 3:35pm (ACOA Chorale)

Wednesday 21/2/2018 Regency Green Aged Care at 10:30am (Dr. Louis and Mrs. Winnie Wong)

Tuesday 27/2/2018 CWS Seniors Club at 10:40am (ACOA Chorale)

For detail of the free programs, please contact ACOA Secretary Dr. Louis Wong on 0413252622

廣東中山市文化藝術中心 Zhongshan Culture & Art Center

  • 中山市文化藝術中心:這是中國夢夢境成真的一個例子。小小的中山市也有一個美麗的藝術中心。我們參加了11月13日在藝術中心小劇院的尋根演出。500座位上座9成。覌眾由頭睇到散塲!
  • Zhongshan is a relatively small city famous for its authentic Cantonese cuisine. Yet she has got a lovely Art Centre in which ACOA artists Winnie and Louis were lucky to perform in front of 500 CO fans on 13 November 2017.ACOA artists Winnie and Louis were rehearsing for the performance. To enjoy their performance please click the following YouTube link: https://youtu.be/n0aJrIMTsCk